Smart & Intelligent LED Lights System

GSM/GPRS/RF Street Light Automation Controller Wireless Solar Street Light Monitoring & Automation Monitor & Control Individual or Group Lights

  1. Time Based Switching of Street Lights.
  2. Wireless GSM/Mobile/RF/SMS Based Switching of Street Lights.
  3. Web Based Based Monitoring & Switching of Smart Street Lights.
  4. Wireless Remote Dimming & Control of Smart Street Lights.

LED lighting is opening up many opportunities in the smart home. LED lights have a dramatically longer lifetime and lower power consumption than halogen or traditional incandescent bulbs, and are available in a wider range of colors.

LED lights also lend themselves much more effectively to digital control. A low-cost LED driver can dim the lights or even mix different colors. This opens up a wide range of applications in the smart home.

The desire for more sophisticated applications such as color mixing also drives the need for a microcontroller within the fixture. The ability to run the control software for the lighting system on the same microcontroller core that handles the wireless connectivity reduces the cost and complexity of the fixture design.

Essential Elements for Smart Lighting System

  1. Wireless Control
  2. App Based Control
  3. Automatic Monitoring Systems
  4. Neural Network Based Self Adaptive System and many more…..